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The eye of providence moves from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, resembling the transfer of knowledge from the elite to the masses.

We asked an AI to write us a book about “the laws of life”.

The instructions given can be formulated into words in the following manner:
This book explains concepts of life with a practical approach. It enables you to apply practical examples that are described in simple forms. The Book will make you look at life from a different point of view, learn its secrets, learn new tools and use them to your own advantage.

The book is meant for all ages and it is not specifically directed at a certain gender or demographic. Each chapter is a secret and there’s a summarized section in the beginning, and then detailed information. The book is written in a way to make it easy and accessible for everyone. The book takes into account current common language and speech structures.

If you live in an area of conflict with active war or other major events then parts of this book do not apply to you. Additionally, if you are a child who lives with his parents, then parts of this book will not suit you either.

Not all parts of the book will apply to each individual. Try to take only what you feel that you can comprehend and internalize. However, keep an open mind for learning new things and try to lower your guard down, and approach the information with as less ego as possible.

The purpose is to assist you in becoming a better person, a more successful individual, achieving happiness and satisfaction, and learning about your true self.

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